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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
8:22a - Too good

A friend of mine found this and posted it. I think it deserves to be shared with you all you. In short, a gamer tries to explain his world to the cops.

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Anyone know anything about the Dark Legacies campaign setting by Red Spire Press? I don't think I have seen it at my LGS. I like gritty fantasy. No great epic hero quests in shining armour on a faithful steed for me thanks. This is one of the reasons I love Iron Kingdoms, as it has a pretty gritty feel to it. I have flipped the book for the Midnight campaign setting, which definitely has a very gritty, dark setting, and seemed really cool, although flawed (Midnight has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many player races....dworg? oh please), it did capture the mood it set out to get.

Knowing a bit about midnight (though I don't have the book), I guess I am looking for a comparison to that framework. www.rpg.net doesn't seem to have a review for it, so I am only guessing. I found one small review online, but it didn't get into much detail.

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