September 18th, 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Hey guys,

New here, yadda yadda, newbie talk, etc.

Just wanted to see if anyone is currently running a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign or getting into the new version of the game like I am. I'm also really interested if anyone has any other fun stuff to download that they've written for the game or know of any. I'm currently working on some extra careers and the like but I'm always anxious to see the great stuff other people are doing.

Also if anyone is interested in blabbing about it as much as I am then you might want to add warhammer_frp to your friends list as I'll try to contain most of my aforementioned blather to that.

Thanks guys!
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Going, going... gone?

I had a question for the GMs in the community:

If a player quits*, and later decides to return, do you typically allow it? If you do allow players back, at what point does their departure become "final"?

* Either permanently, or taking a hiatus with no mention of a return date.

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Advice, please!

I'm currently in the first game my best friend has ever run. I love it, obviously there are problems since she's a beginner but she's learning fast. Myself and another player are thrilled and have created deep, easy to involve characters to help her create side plots more easily. The problem is the third player. He routinly forgets about game, when he is there he leaves early because he's made other plans, has participated very little in game, and in general seems not to care about the game. I want him out because he's a drag on the game...but he and I have never gotten along so I worry that telling my friend that I want him out would look bad. She isn't willing to run game without him but I'm worried that if she doesn't cut him he'll cause the game to fail because of the inability to meet. Any thoughts on how to breech the subject?