September 15th, 2005

  • eberg

nWoD Rundown

Just to offer a different perspective. I was an avid oWoD player who got burned out on the system and the problems I found with the setting. I was on the staff of four WoD MUSHs over a span of several years, ran and played in several campaigns of a year or longer, and ran events at conventions. So, I had a full range of experience with the game. Only thing I never tried was LARPing. I was cynical about the restart of the World of Darkness and didn't think I'd be interested. My past experience had led me to expect them to not fix the stuff I found to be broken and exacerbate the issues I already had. I was wrong and am quite happy with the new games. Here's my rundown. (These reviews only cover the core books, I haven't bought any supplement yet except Antagonists.)

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Overall, I dig the new games a lot. They are just the thing to get me back into the World of Darkness after having grown tired of the old iteration.
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Character background that I want opinions on.

Hey guys, I guess SR4 is out now, but my game store can't find it, I cna't really affored an RPG book right now anyway.

So, in the meantime, my creative juices have been flowing. I've got this background for an ex-lone star Ork that I'm pretty proud of, although it is in no means complete.

I'm considering just tacking on seven years to what I've already got, although that will then give me a 40-year old shadowrunner.

He also doesn't have a "street name" and I'm terrible at coming up with anything that doesn't sound completely corny, ideas please.

anyway, opinions on: Collapse )