September 9th, 2005

SlytherinDare (iconic_moon)

Must find a store!!!!

I have an hour or so to find a gaming store I do not know of in my general area that actually carries Roleplaying books.

Area of Travel. Anywhere 818 area code. Maybe 626, 310, or 323.

I'm already familiar with The Last Grenadier in Burbank, California.
I'm already familiar with The Game Zone in Pasadena, California.

Any ideas or thoughts on where I can look? Doing a search on google seems worthless.


Lost campaigns...

No, I'm not talking some psuedo-RP like fanfic/slash communities about your fave tv show about an island...

So, I was ruminating earlier today, and was thinking about a game I ran that never went beyond a handful of sessions - actually, it went 2 sessions. Then, something happened, and the game never went any further. That's a "Lost Campaign".

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So, anyone else out there got a Lost Campaign story?
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