September 6th, 2005

Any plan where you lose your hat

A D&D scenario: The Village

I mentioned this one over on bad_rpers_suck, and people were nice about it, so thought I'd share it here. It's a scenario I ran for my D&D group in my last two sessions; mine were all level 2, but it's fairly flexible in that regard. One of the basic ideas for this came from Ravenloft, but the embellishment is mine, with a little help from Disney :-)

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(Apologies for any snafus, I'm having trouble posting today.)

Sorry for the disturb

But if you are intrested in the creative process of writing a roleplaying game I would like to invite you to the very low noise quite good signal rpg_creatives where like minded creators of roleplaying products will be most welcome to share the trials and tribulations of making a game.
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