August 31st, 2005

Voodoo Dolly
  • tashiro

Two Minds

A significant part of me feels very sorry for the people of New Orleans, and for the city itself.  That city had depth, it had a history, it had an image that stuck to your mind.  And the city is drowning.  A moment in history, and I wonder if the city can ever recover?  Can the French Quarter survive?

A small part of me however, asks in a detached voice, 'how will this be handled in Vampire -- which has New Orleans as a signature city?'  I don't know.  'How is Anne Rice taking this?  Will Lestat ever walk the streets of New Orleans again?'  Again, I don't know.

This is a very human tragedy, but sometimes, my mind puzzles how we'll react to it, in a not-so-human way, just by being curious.

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Uncle Kurosau Needs Your Opinions!

I'm making this post in order to generate some opinion, opinion that I need to finish formulating some of my RPG theory ideas.

This is essentially a two piece poll. Feel free to comment on either element.

#1 - Do you feel that it is inappropriate, or in any other way inferior, to give over narration rights to players? Should the GM have all of those rights/responsibilities?

#2 - How much does it bother you if you find out that you aren't playing the game you signed up for? To use an example from my own group, and one of the things that inspired these questions, assume that you've signed up to play a game of Cybergeneration 2027. You're kids in the future of the Cyberpunk 2020 setting, infected with Nanites, and turned into little pseudo-cybernetic superheroes, all set in a dark future with slightly more hope than what your parents had. Now imagine that one day in this game, you find out that all of reality is a lie, and you're actually on a giant worldship that collects species from hundreds of different planets, placing them on this 'ark' to preserve them for all time. Would that really piss you off, and why?

ATTN: Houston area gamers

Several of us in the Camarilla Fan Club are working on getting together to do some volunteer work for the refugee relief centers in the city. Below are some volunteer opportunities I've gathered up. Or, if you'd like to go with us as a group, feel free to contact houstoncamarilla at

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