August 29th, 2005


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The new Mind's Eye Theater LARP rules really suck. I mean, they are almost as bad as the old ones. I can't decide wich is worse, actually. And that means that the two are in competition for worst LARP system ever written.

Here's the big gripe: In order to calculate success, you have to roll a die, then perform feats of addition, subtraction and division.

Why did they have to make it so that the tabletop characters could just port over? Is there some group out there that isn't sure whether they want to carry one d10 or twenty? Some LARP troupe with small enough numbers that they can just play tabletop games? I have seen tabletop scenes in LARP and they irk me because that means that the GM ignores 90% of the players for a half hour at a time easily, so why encourage it? Anyway, WoD LARPs are popular and don't need to have the same (basically) system.

Why couldn't they make a simpler LARP system rather than a more complex one? The old MET system was relatively simple, but not if you used optional rules (which everyone did because without them it kinda sucked). IMHO it's terrible.

Other thoughts? dissenting opinions?

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Wizards of the Coast will sponsor after-school D&D programs in public libaries!

from article: The Afternoon Adventure with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS program will include everything librarians need to start regular gaming programs in their library with the original pen-and-paper roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for short). Players assume the persona of fantasy characters and pursue magical adventures, confronting and solving problems using strategic thinking and teamwork. For three decades, D&D has appealed to an ever-increasing population of fans for its use of imagination and storytelling over competition. This free program will include a Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game (a $24.99 value), instructions for starting a D&D group in the library, a guide to using D&D as an introduction to library use, recommended reading lists, and other practical resources.

more here:

i am very excited about this :) i even saw on that he wants to get involved and to do a one-shot with a group.