August 24th, 2005

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Book binding

Hello all! I'm considering creating an RPG book and self-publish at (because, hey, it's free!)

Now, assuming the book I published was something you were interested in buying, which binding type would you prefer out of the three they offer? (Lulu's binding types) You can vote for either reason: the cost of the book (I would pass on any savings I had for a cheaper binding to my customers) or for ease of gaming. Feel free to elaborate your choice!

Poll #557997 RPG text binding

Which binding type do you prefer?

Perfect Bound
Saddle Stitch

I would very likely offer both an e-book version and a printed version, for what it's worth.

calm blue ocean

Chivalric Code

After some unfortunate/amusing experiences in another game that taught me that not everybody understands concepts like 'chivalry' and 'honour' in quite the same way the GM does, I thought I'd better figure out a chivalric code for a god in my own game to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings. Collapse )