August 23rd, 2005


How to keep games from petering out?


This is getting frustrating. I have, in the last year, had two well-received campaigns peter out on me. One was my D&D game which everyone seemed to be enjoying. We took a break when interest suddenly took a turn for the worst. Star Wars came next and went off like gangbusters. There was a bit of a break from that for some life issues and when we all came back it was like Night and Day.

Without getting to specific up front, I'm wondering if anybody has some general information or hints on how to keep a game going or to rikindle interest in a game that has fallen to the side. Some things to keep in mind, I am a working, married (wife plays at least), father of two young girls, so don't have a ton of time.



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First off, looks like I won't be regaling anyone with stories of gaming in the state prison system - I got 2 years Community Control instead of any jail/prison time.


So, on a completely unrelated note. Has anyone out there sat down and created an entire game/system on their own?

Years ago, I came up with a highly unoriginal story: Mutant Hunt, the story of the near future, where mutants were treated as second class citizenry, herded into concentration-like camps and were shepherded by giant robots.

"Days of Future Past", anyone?

Hey, I was literally like 13 years old.

I don't recall the system I wrote for it, really. I'm sure that's a good thing - I do recall it sucked. I think I used d12 + stat-based mods + power mods vs a target number. I could be wrong.

The thing was.. the game was a lot of fun. My friends played it a couple times, b/c the story I whipped up (and, yes, Wolverine appeared in it, though he was just called "Logan") was just fun.

Mutants in this game were more the widespread categorisation, from physical freaks to super-powered beauties. Sentinels were called Sentries (I was 13!)

Anyone out there come up with one just as bad? Better (not that hard)? I'm just as interested as the never-published as the successfully published (in fact, I'm more interested in the former.)
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