August 16th, 2005


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Tommorow I run my TMNT Cross-Time game.

The PC's, early on in the game, signed a contract to work for the mysterious "Bueracracy of Time" (the Time Lords have been 'eliminated'), doing their bidding until the Beuracracy helped them save Raphael from his captors. The conspiracy has them trapped inside their contract, because the PCs eliminated the threat years before the bad guys could interfere with their Mentor's life.

I plan on having the Bueracracy throw the PC's around to do their bidding. (a combination of eliminating threats to the BoT's preffered time stream, helping random 'good' people in trouble to keep the good guys satieated, and destroying corporate interests to collect the insurance)

I've decided to keep screwing the PCs (giving them help through opposite factions to the BoT) until they decide to have a lawyer look at the contract (the contract would be void since the Bueracracy changed the world around the terms)

Do you think that's too much to ask of PCs?

Clockwork Inside

Conundrums in the Gamma Age

Alrighty, I'm supposed to be doing this d20 Gamma World thing for a convention in October, right?

Well, it's been reciently announced the the line it pretty much dead again (Gamma World has apparently reach "revanent" status as far as games anyway). Now, althought this dosen;t effect my personal plans for the new setting, should I run something at a convention that's no longer available and supported... or should I move to something still availble?

Opinons please. :)

Shadowrun 4th Edition coming soon.

It's weird; this is most likely my favourite RPG after PARANOIA. (It's certainly my favourite official setting for any commercially published game.) A game that I started running with 1st edition, ran my fave campaign of all with 2nd edition, and own the 3rd edition copy, but have never run a single session with that edition. So, it's a damn peculiar feeling to see this edition coming out.
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Fantasy campaign idea

I got an idea for a fantasy sort of campaign, and thought I'd hear what people thout of it.

The player characters start out as amnesiacs, to such a degree that they don't even get to see their character sheets. They seem to be humans, but in reality they're magical beings whose exact nature is during the first few game months determined by what they do. At first, they all have the identical game stats of an average human with no skills to speak of, but as they try out things and settle into different roles, the GM slowly changes their stats based on what they do. That guy who likes to do things by stealing eventually picks up an increased Dexterity, Pick Pocket skill and a Night Vision advantage, while the party diplomat slowly gains social skills and becomes nicer to look at (his appearance changing at such a gradual rate that the other characters won't notice it). This keeps up until they hit a certain point or experience limit, at which point the GM might hand them their character sheets and they'll have to start improving themselves at a much slower rate according the normal experience rules of whatever system happens to be in use.

At no point before reaching the point cap will they actually be told that their abilities are changing - if they're clever, they'll figure it out themselves when they start to succeed in certain things more often (the GM will be rolling all dice in secret for them).

One possible problem with this sort of system is if the players, realizing they're all equally good at everything, don't fit into any sort of niche but instead all become generalists who do everything. One way to avoid this might be to run things so that they don't need to actually do the things that cause development - just being the one who suggested a particular course of action might be enough to award you a few points, even if the whole party then proceeded to carry it out all using the same skills.

Obviously, this best works in point-based systems.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? Flames?
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