August 13th, 2005


I'm new!

Hi everyone! I'm new, although you already met my fiance, the_archmage. I've been roleplaying for years now, although I've only recently begun to gm one shots and mini series. I began with Star Wars, but quickly took an affinity to White Wolf's Werewolf the Apocolypse. Recently my game of choice has been Exalted, again from White Wolf. I've played a few D&D games but really have only had one that absolutly thrilled me (but maybe that had something to do with the fact that my fiance was running it...) so it's not a favorite of mine.
Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and let you get to reading more interesting posts.

Evolution of a campaign...

Just wondering what stories are out there.

As a GM, have you ever started a campaign, with one idea, and somehow, for whatever reasons, as you played, it evolved into something you hadn't originally considered/planned/wanted/thought would happen?

As a player, have you been part of a campaign where it happened?

If so, care to talk about it?

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Boredom breeds questions...

If you are or have ever been a GM, what do you consider the best one-shot/campaign you've ever ran? Why would you say that it was the best? Have you ever tried to replicate it?

I'd have to say that my best one-shot would be a game of DC Heroes that I ran sever years ago. The premise was simple: Pick a villain from the Marvel Universe to play in the DC Universe. I was pretty impressed with many of the choices since many of the players were old comic book fans like myself, and they didn't try to pick the most uber-powerful villains that they could think of.

Some of the choices were: Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Mr Sinister, Gideon, and The Absorbing Man.

They caused all kinds of hell in that game. And I loved the creativity the players displayed. I've always been fairly free-form when I run supers games, and they ran with it.

It was a blast.
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