August 10th, 2005


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Hey guys and gals! I was looking for help with some 'rule lawyering' or more to the point helping me read the rules correctly. This is for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 btw.

One of my players focuses his attacks on charging on a mount. Now he has taken 'Boots of Powerful Charge' (+1d8 damage on a charge attack). However, I was wondering if he's mounted does he still gain these bonuses? What about feats that grant it? Any suggestions?
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Cascadia Con?

Is anyone here planning on going to Cascadia Con, September 1st-5th in Seattle?

I'll be working as a volunteer in the game room pretty much every day.

Would anyone want to sign up to GM a session or two? We have a really extensive board game library, but we don't have a great deal of scheduled rpgs. Personally, I'd like to see a whole bunch of indie/fringe/non-standard rpgs being played.

Game Survey Time!

I did this like eight months or a year or go back - I picked it up from the Forge. It's a quick survey.

The rules:

1. Only 3 replies to each question. No cheating, no freebies - 3 and only 3.
2. See rule 1.

The questions:

1) What three games have you played most recently?
2) What three games have you enjoyed the most, ever?
3) What three games have you never played that you most want to?

And..... go!

(Oh, and since this caused confusion last time - yes, GMing a game counts as playing. No cheating!)

EDIT: Let me make things clear: For the first two questions games are referring to specific games that you played in, not systems (though please specify the system as well). For the last question, I'm talking system / setting / whatever (So "Iron Kingdoms in a non D20 system is a perfectly valid answer"). Also restrict yourself to the subject of this community - CRPGs, MMORPGs, etc don't count. Neither do tabletop wargames, boardgames, etc.

Corebook Utility

(To all you Mage fans: this is not flamebait in any way, shape or form.)

Currently, I'm running a game of Mage. In the process, I'm pulling bits and pieces from various Mage books, typically in the form of stylistic elements or mechanical tweaks. Also, a lot of character statistics, because I have a tendency towards over-powering the NPCs I write up.

And I have to say, pound for pound, Mage's 2E corebook is shaping up to be way more useful than Revised. Where Revised has the tighter magic system, which I'm using, 2E has all the stuff Revised lost out on because of its focus on the mechanics and overall changes to the gameworld. Locales (but not maps), ideas for Paradox spirits, NPC stats, all the stuff I have difficulty devising on my own.

So I'm wondering what corebooks do you think offer the most utility for your games? Do you need nothing more than a robust ruleset, or do you want a detailed setting in which to place your own adventure? NPC stats? Maps?

In Spaaaace!

As was mentioned here a while back, Greg Stolze, author of many fine roleplaying books and stuff created In Spaaace! and released it under the ransom model. If X money was raised by the end of August, the game would be free to the world, if not, everyone who donated got their money back.

Well, it worked better than expected, and the game has been made available to all the world for free for ever, before the cover is even finished! To see the naked version, click here:

Reading through it, it looks pretty amusing. I might have to give it ago at Archon or some other occasion that includes beer.
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