August 9th, 2005

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I'm currently running a Tri-Stat dX game (using the d6 scale), and I like the system a lot. The game I'm running is a Time Travelling TMNT game with a complete rewrite taking from the TMNT comic books (Eastman and Laird b&w), the 1st Cartoon, the Paladium TMNT & Other Strangess RPG, all the acid I did in high school, and the movies (no Vanilla Ice). The PC's don't play the Turtles, but rescued mutant animals that were raised by Raphael, the lone surviving member of the team.

I was wondering if anyone else was running a dX game with their own world, or in a different RPG setting (not so much their published books; BESM, SAS, etc.)


Character concept poll

Disclaimer: This is not intended to a be-all, end-all poll. It's just a poll that I whipped up with a few minutes of free time. Don't whine that it doesn't have all the options you'd like, or doesn't take into consideration, yadda yadda yadda.

If you don't like my poll, make your own. I'll be more than happy to take yours.

Enjoy :)

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Too much info?

Currently working on a section for an upcoming book and just putting in some final touches to the antagonist section, including on the spot rules for creating random NPC's in D20 Modern.

Where it possibly falls down is the random name creation, I think there may be a few too many so here's a quick straw poll if you don't mind awfully.

How many names would you ideally like to see included for Male first names, Female first names and Surnames?

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