August 7th, 2005

Administrivia: Ads

So I've decided to allow RPG product ads for now, subject to the rules I discussed in my previous post.

If the community ends up inundated with advertisements, I will change my mind very quickly. Consider it an experiment for now.

On another note, I'm really tired of the tone that some discussion threads in this community have taken. I want roleplayers to be a place where anyone and everyone feels comfortable posting and discussing - regardless of experience, play preferences, whatever. There are a few individuals who have been prone to flaming, namecalling, and all in all unpleasantness. I don't need to name names - they know who they are.

It stops now.

I shouldn't have to talk about posting etiquitte. Quite simply, be aware that we're all here to discuss and interact. Understand that disagreeing with someone does not mean disliking them. We're here to talk about roleplaying, we're not here to shred one another's self image. If you can't handle someone disagreeing with you without resorting to infantile behaivor - then consider this a personal invitation to leave this community. Insults, flames - even in response to someone being insulting - are not tolerated. The rules of politeness and rudeness that we apply to our general conversation apply here - not the typical rules of politeness that one usually uses on the internet. If someone's being problematic - do not engage with them, do not reply to them, do not reprimand them and definitely do not lower yourself to their level. Contact the moderators and we'll take care of it. Any threads where people start getting unpleasant are going to be deleted as soon as I see them.


EDIT: By the way, the rules I settled on are:

1) You must have been involved in the development of the product. You must also make yourself available in the comment thread. This gives the post value to the community - allowing them to interact with the people who made the game and learn more about their potential purchase. Simple hit-and-run advertisements are forbidden.
2) The post should strive to be more than a quick link to the game's website or whatever. Tell us about the game - what's it trying to do, what's cool about it. Bonus points for giving us playtest logs, or even a preview of the book itself.
3) You get to post one ad for your game, and that's it. One and only one.
4) If your ad has images of any sort, put it behind an LJ-CUT tag. People still do browse on modems, and images really slow that experience down.
5) Do not spam comment threads with links to your game. If every reply you make is an ad, you may want to reconsider why you're here.

#1 wasn't discussed, but it's one I especially like. It means that the community can get something out of the ad.