August 6th, 2005

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before I speak on matters strange..

before I give a write up of a kid-friendly rpg that I designed, I thought I'd give some general design goals and ask if anyone knows of a system that fits that goal or can suggest (create) such a system.
This would probably be better done before reading my next post 8)
Goal (System): kid-friendly rpg system that is one step removed from free form make-believe. It would be a simple introduction to roleplaying. The mechanics would be rules lite and emphasis would be on flow and story over realism. The system would reward players for shared storytelling.
Goal (Genre): As most systems are better at particular types of stories, my emphasis is on creating a fairy tale / story world. Combat is not neccessarily the best way to solve a problem and there are numerous stories about young characters overcoming great adversity.
Thanks a Million Quatloos in advance!
Glen Gyldersleve - -
  Es brillig war. Die schlichte Toven
  Wirrten und wimmelten in Waben;
  Und aller-mumsige Burggoven
  Die mohmen Rath' ausgraben.


Apparently things somewhat exploded while I was gone.

First off, to make life a lot easier I've created an email account for the community. It's in the community info now - if you have questions or concerns or anything, email there. I'll try to check it once a day, definitely every other day. If you think that a post has been made that's off topic - instead of participating in a flamewar over it send an email and let me handle it. _grimtales_ I've deleted your previous post - you can email me and we can discuss it, or you can feel free to contribute here.

Now, speaking of said deleted post, there's a "no ads" rule in the community info. I'll be honest, inevitability and I always envisioned that as pertaining to people who were looking for games to play in, or players for their games. The reasoning there is that this is a community with members from all over the world - people just aren't going to be very interested in a Vampire game that's looking for players in Akron, Ohio. It's especially targeted at the billions of LJ-based games that start up and fizzle out in a week; just go look at the various promo communities to see how things are. I don't want this community clogged with ads for five thousand harry potter and celebrity RPGs and that won't change.

I guess there was some confusion over whether or not that policy extended toward advertising a commercial product. Frankly, I never imagined it would - I don't see a problem in a post advertising a brand spanking new game or system or setting. Some folk might, however - so I want the comments in this post to focus on that. As always this isn't a democracy - I'll make the final decision - but I do want to hear what people have to say about the subject.

Here's what I'm thinking of, by way of policy:
Ads for commercial products are OK, under the following guidelines:
1) It must be an RPG or RPG supplement (meta-RPG stuff like "Gary's Guide to GMing D&D" or something are OK too). But nothing for wargames, CCGs, etc.
2) You get one ad - and only one. I do not want weekly or monthly or even yearly postings of your product.
3) Do not clutter up comment threads with ads. If your response to every "I need help ________" thread is "use this system I created!" - well, that isn't going to fly.
4) Try to make it informative. I'd rather have a link to several reviews, playtest logs, etc that will tell me about the game than a simple promo.

That's what I'm kicking around. Thoughts?
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Update: The kids and The Basic Set (v3.5)

You know...all my posts are about the current DnD just fyi.

They came over today and we played about 2:30-3:00. Now mind you the Basic Set is truly "basic" focusing on dungeon crawling,...but they were faced with decision making.

Where they left off they could have returned the stolen ring or continue on through the doors. It was nice to see and hear these two (hopefully) future RPers argue about 'what to do next'. :D

So they have been through 8 rooms so far, out of 13. They are now 2nd level.

So far what they know is this:
1. Always let the Rogue check for traps, locks, and etc.
2. Wait until the Rogue says it's ok to move on. (lol!!!)
3. There always could be a monster behind a door.
4. Stay away from anything that looks moldy.
5. Hammers work better than arrows against skeletons.


Next time they come over it will be time to level up and buy gear.

Here's a question...

So, without going into details, I'm looking at possibly going to prison (again) for a short bit. I'd like to be able to run some stuff inside, but I know a lot of times, there's problems doing that - sometimes religious probs from the chaplains, sometimes b/c dice related stuff are against the rules for fear they'd be used for gambling...

So, what I'm wondering... what games out there use playing cards instead of dice? Or other cards (cards wouldn't be allowed to be sent in, I'm sure, but with a list of the cards and the properties, fascimiles could be made...)

Alternately, does anyone know of homebrew rules for using cards with any established dice-system? If so, where might I find them?

Edit: Last time, we used a spinner, but being it was federal prison, which tends to be more slack in rules sometimes, that wasn't much of a problem.

I know I could just substitute cards of the appropriate value for dice in a d20 game, but that would be pretty laborious in combat. Same with a storyteller/ing game, just have piles of cards 1-10...

Another option is to have #s on pieces of paper and draw them from a box.

But what I'm really looking for is an accessible game that uses playing cards (or simply made other cards, though that brings in the potential contraband issues....) for the rules.

Or a system someone devised (other than a straight pile of 4 cards for a d4, etc...) for a game. I'm open to all sorts of systems (b/c I don't know what, if anything, I'd be allowed to get.)
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