August 4th, 2005


Christian Gamers?

Hi. I'm a Christian and I'm a gamer, and I was wondering if there are any other Christian gamers in this community. You see, thanks to joemorf, I wound up reading this article, this article,, and this one too. While I don't agree with the author, I think it's worth talking about.
What do Christian gamers (if you're out there) think? Are the terms mutually exclusive?

EDIT: My bad, I wasn't quite clear... what I had intended to discuss is what do Christian gamers think about this train of thought which is prominently circulating Christian communities? How do we respond? People like Jack Chick giving us a bad name and labeling us satanists and occultists because we roll dice and scribble on character sheets. I actually had a Christian friend of mine who really believed in all of this hooey, which is usually generated by people who know very little about the game... So, I guess what I'm inquiring is, what is your response to this fabricated mutual exclusion?

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Review: Warhammer Fantasy RP (Second Edition)

Game: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, second edition
Publisher: Black Industries Publishing, 2005
Genre: Fantasy
Layout: 248 full color pages + index, hardbound.
Price: 39.99
Summary: A slightly simplified, much more arbitrary version of D&D
Final Thoughts: A neat exercise as a one-shot, but overall pretty derivative and poorly designed. Not even close to worth its cover price.

Yeah, aren't I great? I told you what I think BEFORE THE ACTUAL REVIEW

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Alfred rocks.

Further Trials and Tribulations of a Baby GM (who can't seem to think far enough ahead. :-\ )

So. I have this grand sweeping adventure set up. I go to hit the books to actually do the stats for my main villian... and realize that the idea I had in mind was waaaaay too powerful for my poor boys to handle. By, like, ten levels. :-( That's what I get for not planning quite far enough ahead.

Here's the setup: Since the fall of the old kingdom two hundred years ago, magic-users in it's former borders have insane hissyfit nightmares proportional to how hard they study magic.  The only magic items are the stuff that's imported, making them more expensive and harder to get. The mage of the party, who is arrogant and stubborn, after the first set of nightmares pretty much goes "Oh no you din't!" and cajoles his party, without much difficulty, into going and fixing the problem.

They seek out the ruined city, and find it filled with scads of nasty undead. They fight their way through to the area around the castle, which is mysteriously well-kept and attractive.  At one point they're beset by a group of skeletons in livery that matches the family colors of the old king.  They get in the castle, blah blah undeadcakes, wraith, etc. And we took a break before they got done with the bottom level of the castle.

So. I was originally planning on making the boss-fight be a lich. The old king's daughter, to be precise.  But on closer inspection of the requirements, the whole 'base magic-user level has to be at least eleven' thing is a serious drawback, considering that my guys are probably going to be sixth level *tops* when they meet her.

Anybody got any ideas? I'm kinda stuck. I really like the idea of it being the old king's daughter, and I suppose I could make the family Elvish or come up with something else to explain how she's still alive, but... I really wanted something that would, after the big revelation of who and what she is, would make at least one member of my group pause the session to hit the bathroom. :-)