August 2nd, 2005


WoD 1.* Botches

So in talking with some folks about Botches and how it's a little weird that you can botch more when you have higher dice (as in, an Attribute:1 and no Ability person can only get one botch, but an Attribute:5 + Ability:5 person can screw up to the tune of ten botches), two ideas came to mind.. (most likely -not- to be used in conjunction with each other)

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Obviously, neither work when it's a roll with a force working against you (Rolling Rage to see if you Frenzy against your will, rolling Paradox to see how much damage is done by Backlash, etc..), since a succ in those is a bad thing (for you) so a botch is a not-bad thing (again, for you). Rolls like that are like if you live in the Alps and have to do a +roll each time a loud noise is made with the die pool being the tons of snow piled up there waiting to avalanche down, the difficulty being the inverse of the volume of the loud noise, and Successes being how many tons of snow crash down on you. With that, each botch is how much snow failed to fall (probably instead shifting and settling and gaining a firm purchase on the peak).

Edit to add: Or if one if of the interpretation that a Level 10 botch isn't any worse than a Level 1 botch in standard WoD, then which sounds better if one were playing a theoretical RPG 'Reality of Shadowness' (which is exactly like WoD, save that more botches are worse than fewer botches)? In checking pg.33 of Vampire 1st, it seems 1 botch isn't any better than 5 unless otherwise stated, technically.

Public Brainstorming - Savage Worlds One Shots

After my summer Vampire the Requiem game wraps up in a couple of weeks, I'll be running a savage worlds campaign of some variety, perhaps two.

Because I can't decide which setting I want to run, I'll be running a series of one shots for my players, and then I'll let them choose which campaign they want to play. All of the games will be 4-6 hours long, and feature pregen characters. (Both to save on time, and to help show the players what typical characters look like, and because one player said he really hated creating and investing time and personality into a character only to play him a handful of times.)

I'm posting here to hash out my ideas, and see if anyone has any cool suggestions or ideas for the one shots. I've been very pleased with this brainstorming posts to this community before, so I figured I'd do it again.

If you're one of my players, obviously don't read behind the cut. And if you're worried about spoilers for Evernight, 50 Fathoms or Necessary Evil, I'd skip it too, but spoilers should be pretty minimal.

The four games are:

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More thoughts as I develop them, but any comments are encouraged.
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Campaign questions

Hello again, all.
I've decided my next big campaign will involve converting The Age of Worms campaign arc ( printed in Dungeon for the next 12 months ) into Eberron.. but I've been running into a general DMing problem.
I want to do more than just what's in the modules. I want to take them on quests for Legacy Weapons. I want them to eventually explore the Mournland. I want to do numerous side-quests for my players.. but in a campaign that reportedly takes you from 1 to 20th level, what do I do with the experience?
How would you handle it? For instance, taking them on side quests would possibly put them at a higher average party level than what a specific module calls for - do I just simply scale every adventure afterward? Or do I just delay experience for the side-quests, which may create gear power problems anway? Or is there a better way to handle it? Ill be gone for a day or two, so can't respond right away, but Ill be back to read if anyone's got any ideas. Thank you in advance.

GM's Block

Ugh, I hate this.

I've got plenty of plot threads, either to introduce or continue on with, but I can't come with an A plot, something meaty enough to carry the night, you know?

Here's hoping sleep brings inspiration. I've only got two nights left.