July 26th, 2005

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Everyone has seems to have a diversity of RPings experience. Has anyone here ever played Mythus? It was Gary Gygax's short lived attempt to create another gaming system after D&D. The rule system is complicated, but it's one of the best games I've ever played.

My SO has an equal obsession with both Star Wars and Mythus, so he converted SW's West End version (D6) into Mythus rules.
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(v DnD 3.5) Greyhawk maps

Does anyone know where I can find maps and other detailed info of Greyhawk cities and such?

I Googled for a while, and found one site that has a great ammount of detail for the city of Greyhawk.
I also DLed what I could from the LG Campaign site over at WotC.


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I'm not sure how many of you are fans of Eberron, but after watching one of my groupmates, ( needle_spoon )buy nearly every Forgotten Realms supplement there is, I decided to strengthen our group material and started picking up and reading Eberron. I picked up the Eberron Campaign Setting, the Sharn: City of Towers Sourcebook, and Races of Eberron all in one weekend.
Liking what I had read so far, with the exception of a large amount of material in Races of Eberron, I decided this would be the setting I would utilize, while my friend(s) handled everything Faerun.

My point here is this.. I just picked up the newest Eberron release, Five Nations and I have to say I wish all, or at least most, v3.5 D&D sourcebooks were like this one. The book far exceeds the standard "Book Chock Full of PrC's and Feats". There are NO feats, only 5 prestige classes ( one for each nation ) and a few specialized monsters pertaining to their region. The rest is all fluff, story-rich goodness that any D&D'er would find enjoyable reading. There are entries such as a list of well-known sayings from each nation, name lists, and even popular cuisine for denizens of Thrane, Cyre, Breland, Aundair and Karrnath.

If future releases are like this I will be sticking with the setting for a while. I hope future titles such as The Explorer's Handbook keep up to par. Even the one before Five Nations, Sharn: City of Towers, is the same way; it provides loads of backdrop that defines more of the world.
With any luck, even Magic of Eberron will define certain characteristics of this otherwise young world.
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Been poking through my boyfriend's copies of the Encyclopedia Magica and the Wizard's Spell Compendium...

Does anyone know of any webpages or programs that help on the converting-of-items-from-2nd-ed-to-third front?  A lot of them are Really Cool.
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Books I bought today (v 3.5 DnD)

So I bought, via suggestion, a used copy of "The Adventure Begins"...showcasing Greyhawk in all of it's v2.0 (circa 1998 TSR) glory.

This is pretty much what I needed to start a campaign where the City of Greyhawk will be used as the starting point of the adventure.

I'm tying many issues of Dungeon together to fill up a campaign, with some tweaks here and there to tie everything together...and it's shaping up to be quite fun.

I also purchased Races of the Wild and Races of Destiny.

Thank you all for your input to my previous post.

Happy gaming.