July 19th, 2005



Playing in a Star Wars RPG, one of three Jedi in the group has never roleplayed before. He unfortunately doesn't have a good sense of what a starting character is capable of, and often attempts outlandish things, or overanalyzes things.

Bear with me, this is building up to a quote...

We're entering an auction house and the weapons detector discovers Ben's lightsaber (setting is 10 years post-Endor). He tries to pass it off as a family heirloom, and after several minutes of poor persuasion, it's confiscated anyway. He's so bent on not being unarmed inside the auction house that he leaves on the pretext of taking his heirloom back to the ship for safekeeping, only to attempt to smuggle it in again past the same weapons detector.

I, as the military leader of the mission, groan out of character and prepare my "disavow all knowledge" speech. As a joke, I start enquiring of the GM, thinking that if this was a SpecForces op as opposed to SpecOps, maybe we were given lullabies (cyanide pills to take in order to suicide rather than be captured if a mission goes south - SpecForces are usually heavy military ops like Navy Seals type stuff, whereas SpecOps is more troubleshooting "delicate" type missions).

During this, of course, we're all groaning at poor Ben's attempts to talk his way past the guards. I pose the lead up question as follows:

Me: "(GM), is this a Special Operations operation, or a Special Forces operation?"

GM (dryly): "I think this is a Special ED operation!"

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Down and Dirty Star Wars

I'm putting together a quick, one-shot Star Wars RPG (2nd Edition, D20, Wizards of the Coast) session for a gaming con I am going to and was hoping to find a quick, down and dirty NPC generator that I can use to whip up some thug NPCs, ships, baddies, etc.

Anyone know of anything like that, or maybe a place where I can grab some character and starship templates?


Variants from UA (DnD 3.5)

Here's what I was looking at so far for the campaign I wish to run (which will be placed in Greyhawk).
We'll be starting at 1st level.

Use of equipment in the PHB and the Complete Series of books (Arms and Equipment guide still pending) allowed.
Use of all classes in the PHB, Complete Series, and the Expanded Psionics book.
Use of all spells publishes in the PHB and Complete Series.
*Use of the Weapon Groups in Unearthed Arcana.
Use of the Whirling Frenzy variant, Specialist Wizard variants, and **Urban Ranger variant, and the Aspect of Nature variant.
Use of anything in any issue of Dragon and/or Dungeon I own.
Use of anything in FR books subject to consideration.

*there would be a slight modification to the Weapon Group feats...
every class would receive basic weapons and crossbow weapons at 1st level, thus subtracting one from the list shown in UA. Also, Monks weapon and Druid weapon groups are for those classes only. When multiclassing a character would only gain on additional weapon group when adding a 2nd non-prestige class, and receive no other free weapon group feat if they multiclass past 2 classes (such as 1/1/1 builds). This counters the loading up on weapon group feat builds.

**the Urban Ranger would come with the non-spellcasting variant shown in Complete Warrior.

This is what I have so far...thoughts? Opinions?

Alfred rocks.

A problem about GMing for your SO that nobody talks about....

He knows me too well.  I've been setting up this plot for weeks now, and we got to talking.  He wasn't asking me what was going to happen, he was just speculating. Cheerfully.  Telling me a few theories he'd come up with in regards to what was going on.

Every. Single. One.... was one I had thought of. All of 'em.  His favorite theory matched my planned plot arc almost exactly. 

As you might imagine, this leaves me with a dilemma.  Do I shuffle stuff around, trying to come up with a new main antagonist and hoping to confound him, or do I leave it as it is and end up explaining "No, I didn't steal your idea.  That's what I already had planned."

Kinda skeeves me off. :-)
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