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Sunday, July 17th, 2005
8:54a - Initiative Again - A Solution
Ok, I think the following Initiative System will be what I will install into SMART/Savrolia, as I think it achieves the simplicity I want as well as fulfilling needed concepts of variety that was desired. It's not exactly the same as any of the one's that folks were suggesting, so it might be of interest to folks.

Collapse )

Let me know what you think of this initiative method.

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10:24p - Scale Mail for Druids? (DnD 3.5)
I've looked in the Arms and Equipment guide (I'll probably purchase it the next chance I get), and the only "scale mail" I see that Druids can wear is Leather Scale.

Is there anything a Druid can wear, with a base AC of 4, that can be purchased at 1st level?

I was thinking scale mail can be made from leather scales or lizard scales or something without a change in price or AC.


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10:39p - House rules...and the DMG 2? (DnD v3.5)
What published variants have you used in your games?

Out of those, which ones have worked well? Which ones unbalanced things or just didn't quite fit like you thought?

Do you have the DMG 2? Have you used the rules for mentors and apprentices?


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