July 14th, 2005

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White Wolf Backpedals

See What A Little "Over Reaction" Does To Change The World?*


Yes, it looks like White Wolf has decided that the reaction to the Pay To Play policy was distinctly negative and bad for business and are pulling the policy.

* Over Reaction is what everyone was telling me I was doing by my posts in this regard and my desire to block this policy from coming into existence because of the chilling effect it would have on gaming. Right or Wrong, by getting folks to respond and get their voices heard over it has had a positive effect. Thanks to everyone who posted about this here and elsewhere, and who contacted White Wolf about the problems with their blanket policy.
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From a message board I frequent

Post subject: Gm can be players too as an npc.

it is cool try it.

So... where to start. I've already heard plenty of GMs try to make excuses for this practice, so I'm going to put a different spin on this. Have any of you ever been a player in a group where the GM used as NPC as a stand-in PC and approved of it?

In my own experience, the practice is generally reviled, as is the similar practice of occasionally putting the PCs in tough situations in order to have an extremely powerful NPC/Mary Sue pop out to rescue the group. Most GMs I've known who had a pet NPC used them as a Deus Ex Machina to make sure "their" story did not go awry. The others were the type who probably didn't even want to be GMing in the first place - hence their focus on controlling a single character when they had a whole world at their command.

It's like Star Wars meets Baby Got Back

Heard of "...in Spaaace!"?

Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies, Godlike, lots of Feng Shui, Over the Edge and Demon) has written a game. You can't buy it, but you can pay a portion of the ransom. Once the ransom ($750) is paid, the game is released and is free for download to anyone, forever.

There's more explanation of the ransom model here and the previous success, the gruesome and excellent Meatbot Massacre.

But mostly, I want a funny space game. If you do too, you have 45 days of ransom left. Tick tock.

Edit: more teasers on the mechanics here.