July 12th, 2005

vincent price

A Friend Of mine who isn't in this community Asked This in His Journal

(Reposted Now That He has fixed His Journal Entry: Everyone Who replies previously I've passed along to him your comments)

Local info request

Does anybody know what the role playing gaming community is like in the Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale area is like?

Also, is a car a neccesity in that region? I know you can do without a car in New York and Boston.

If you have info for him regarding this please comment to his message in his journal. Thanks!

vincent price

Talking of White Wolf

White Wolf is once again the gaming company that's getting all the folks on line a flutter in recent days, thanks to it's new Pay to Play policies. It seems that they are once again trying to extend the concepts of copyright for themselves, and try to make up for monetary shortfalls, by forcing LARP and tabletop groups (except at conventions) to pay for memberships in the Camarilla (their fan organization) in order to run games!

This policy evidently is being applied not just to Commercial LARPS, but any game where a group of players gather that requires a sharing of space rental fees etc. They want to basically TAX players for the privilege of Using their rules, materials etc that they have already shelled out for previously to them. So there is the 'Purchase Fee' of buying the game books, and an Annual Membership Fee for the members to actually use the material.

In other words, they want to be your gaming equivalent of a cable company that sells you the cable box and then charges you actually use it!

It's money, though they claim it's "copyright protection" of their materials. It's a grand stupidity in my mind, and if people are smart, now is the time to show them what you think of this, if you are a White Wolf/Storyteller consumer by walking away from their bullying and dropping them an email on their website about it.

Why? Because if they get away with it everyone in gaming will suffer in the end. There is an implicit contract involved when you buy their product that you can use it as is without additional charges, fees, licensing etc. They are trying to change the nature of this contract, and if they succeed other companies may follow suit, robbing everyone of their legal rights to use products that they have paid for.

As a consumer you need to add your voice in dissent, and to show them by cutting off their access to your financial support.

It's the only sort of message that they understand.

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White Wolf's Latest Fun

Well, if you have an opinion on White Wolf's latest move, there's always an unscientific poll for you to fill out:


Ewige blumenkraft.

Edit: In case you've missed at least two posts on here, plus a post on Boing Boing, RPGNEWS.COM, and White Wolf's own forums, here are some relevant links, all in one place.

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I need to come up with a ruined city for my guys to explore... and I suck at mapbuilding.  Does anyone know any decent random-city-generator programs?  I tried MapMage and frankly... I'm very disappointed. 

I'd *much* prefer if it were free.

EDIT: Hah-hah! *victory boogie* I found the perfect thing, after many hours of searching. :-) http://www.seekingsolis.co.uk/rpg_archive/ has maps of a huuuuge city, with the tunnels and sewers underneath and everything. Exactly what I was looking for. Of course, in the search for a decent map/map generator I also found beaucoup other useful and nifty programs, so I consider myself ahead of the game.
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