July 11th, 2005

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Handling online dice rolling?

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I'm in the process of putting together a journal-based online RPG, and am contemplating a few different ways to handle the dice rolling:

1. I roll all the dice. This keeps control in my hands, but slows down story threads until I can actually make the roll and post the results.

2. I let the players make their own rolls. This speeds up story threads, but takes a measure of control out of my hands. I also have no real way to know if players are being totally honest about their results.

I am currently contemplating a modified version of #2, where I have the players use an online dice roller (I'm familiar with Irony.com, so I'd probably use that) and post the results in the thread. Granted, I'd still have no real way of knowing who was cheating, but that's the price I'd pay, I suppose.

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A conundrum

Ok, first off, im new here


Only been RPing for about 5 years now. From most White Wolf products (favourite being joint of Vampire: Masquerade and Exalted) to 3rd Edition DND. Played a bit of Legend of the Five Rings (2nd edition stuffs)


Anyway, other than that. My trouble is:

I am planning on running a DnD campaign again in my own world i had once set up. Anyway, new characters are being made at 5th level. Im using the point system, but this is where it gets tricky.

How many points do you guys allocate? I always find that only 28 is a little less. And tend to go for 30 myself.

But i'm more just curious at what you'd suggest

You’re Role-playing Identity:

(Cross-Posted in Personal Journal.)

Though countless years I have assumed identities of various unreal people. From simple D&D to more complex GURPS I have found a series of favored personas that seem to personify my personality and style of play. I don’t know if you can use some Jungian manner of psychological study to see the kernel of my mind in these archetypes, but it is a nice thing to start a game and know you have a niche to fill. So, as this is cross posted in my journal as well, enjoy:


L5R = Kakita Duelist
D&D 3.5 Basic = Human Cleric (Healing/Sun Domains)
Eberron = Shifter Druid
Rolemaster = Human Rogue
Mage: The Ascension = Son of Ether (Prefers: Etherite)
Mage: The Awakening = Free Council Warlock
Vampire: The Requiem = Ventrue Carthain
Exalted = New Moon Lunar
Earthdawn = Human Scout
Champions = Martial Artist Light Brick
BESM = Bishi Demon Child
Cyberpunk = Xenomod Techie
Shadowrun = Orc Rigger
Transhuman Space = Xoxed Immortality Junkie
Aberrant = Teragen Allied Super Normal
Adventure! = Stalwart Reporter
Trinity = Clairvoyant Space Pilot
Dragonstar = Half Elven Pilot/Mage (Astromancer)
Street Figher RPG = Cowboy Kickboxer
Secret of Zir’an = Ghosthunter Rune Mage
Mekton Zeta = Veteran Pilot/Land Strider Mechjocky
Torg = Cyberpapasy Heretic Revolutionary
Star Wars = Jedi Starfighter Pilot (Green Lightsaber)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How about you?