July 8th, 2005


White Wolf to begin collecting "licensing fees"

Just got this off Boing Boing, and I'm curious about the community's thoughts on the subject. In short, if you charge any sort of fee for a WW game- including donations to cover space rental, excluding card games- you have to pay WW $20 a year, and join the Cam in the case of LARP troupes.

Boing Boing post Here, and post on WW's site here.

Personally, while I don't agree with anyone who says this will "kill the hobby" or any other such chicken little-isms, I can't say this is a good idea, either. It will- and has already started to - generate a lot of ill will from their fanbase, and I can't help but think that it'll discourage new players. Also, forcing people to join the Cam is a bit crap.

Granted, it's not right for someone to make a profit off someone else's work, but I don't think this is the way for WW to go about preventing that. For one, how would you ever keep track of all the "unlicensed" games out there? And the games that I've been to that charged anything weren't looking to make money- the folks involved just wanted some help to cover the expenses, which I can't see any problem with. What I WOULD have a probelm with is being charged to be able to run and/or play a game I've already paid for.

Anyway, your thoughts?