July 6th, 2005

grape poppy

It begins...

Hello again!

Behind the cut is some information for a game I intend to run loosely based around the Crusades (in particular, the second Crusade). This is the first of probably a few such mini-essays I’ll do to give players a sense for the society, the setting, the technology of the time period and so on. I have gathered way more detail than is included here, but I wanted to make something concise and readable to begin the discussion. As an inexperienced GM whose never tried to prepare for a long-term game, much less run one, I’m basically wandering around in the dark and blindly following instinct!

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Thoughts? Berating? If you were a player, what else would you want to know in order to create a character?** As a GM, what else should I include to make life easier for me?

Much obliged! :)

*Gies, Joseph and Frances. Life in a Medieval Castle. Harper: New York, 1974. p.47.

**I’m using an indie system that has yet to be finished, so I can’t discuss the particulars of it just yet. My initial players are the ones developing it, so they will be intimately familiar with its workings. When I am at liberty to discuss the system, I will do so with alarming regularity!
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