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Monday, July 4th, 2005
8:38a - [Mage] A Space Opera Netbook
Cut for brevity because of cross-posting to spysdemise, the_ascension, wod_lj, roleplayers

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2:05p - Seasonal Games
The recent discussion of the Iron Patriot got me thinking about something I've had fun with in the past - Seasonal Games.
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2:39p - Nobilis

I think* I've decided on Nobilis as my first table-top game. So far, my group consists of myself and two other people. (Though I'm hoping for another two. I just have to talk them into it.)

For those who have experience actually playing the game, do you have any hints or tips for me? It will be my first time playing the game, and I'll also be GM/DM/Hollyhock God (whatever), considering one of the players has never GMed and the other ... well, I'm not even sure he's RPGed in any form. (The other player and I have RPed in IRC in a large group.)

Recaps of your favorite moments gaming (or entire campaigns), your favorite Power or NPC, etc, are more than welcome. I'm trying to plot ahead.

The only thing I'm not interested in hearing about Nobilis is "don't bother to play it." You're welcome to describe your negatives/problems with the game, but only if you can do it in a sense of, "This is something you'll want to think about." or "Here's how to avoid this problem."

Thanks in advance for any tips, hints, or shared stories. :)

*The only reason I'm not sure is that neither of the other two players has actually read through the book yet. Both seem very interested in it, but when they actually read the game book, they may decide that steampunk or superheroes or pulp action is more their style. And, also, if we can get the other two potential players into the game, we might sacrifice Nobilis in favor of a setting they're interested in, just to get them to play. XD

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8:29p - Infoseek.
I've been looking through the Arms and Equipment guide, and the DMG 3.5, but I've yet to find any charts or information on how to calculate the amount of *time* it will take to have a custom non-magical item made. Or how much time getting them made masterwork would add. It's driving me nuts.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or houserules charts, or anything like that?

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