July 3rd, 2005



Some friends and I are looking into starting a super hero game, but we're fairly green in this field so...

What's the latest Super Hero RPG out right now?

In your opinion what's the best Super Hero RPG out right now?

The one that has struck my interest is Blood of Heroes, I like the point-based character creation system. But it was published in 2000, and I'm thinking there might be five years' worth of newer stuff out there.

anybody help?

Cthulu Pentacle

Not Silver Age, Not Golden Age, but earlier than that...

The talk of Superhero RPGs got me to thinking of an idea that I had ages ago, called the Iron Patriot. The idea was to run a Superhero RPG during the American War for Independence. I know it sounds like an odd setting, but there is plenty of room for campy comic action in that period.

My main character was Iron Patriot, sort of a steampunk Iron Man who leads the fight for freedom against the likes of mad Prussian inventors and a British commander that was disfigured by the Iron Patriot and who has sworn a personal war against him. I had never taken it past a basic framework but it's always been a bit of a pet idea.
me with gloves

Buy our old gaming books, please?

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice in this post here. We're going to try selling some of our books on Ebay and hope for the best -we have a bunch more that we may put up depending on how these do and how much time we have to get things done this week

AD&D 1st Edition Manual of the Planes (1987)

DOOM II: Official Strategy Guide

AD&D 1st Edition Deities and Demigods (1980 - includes Cthulhu and Melnibonean deities; rare copy)

Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual (1991)

AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual (1979)

Sorry if Ebay auction links aren't allowed- please delete if so. Thanks again for everything!
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Screen names changed to protect the insane

(23:31:10) Wizard: and we dont really need to worry about land at 27th level I will be able to create a small island
(23:31:26) Wizard: well not create, raise
(23:32:49) Spellsword: If you do that, then I can get the liege lord feat, and attract us an army...
(23:32:52) Spellsword: a big army...
(23:33:49) Spellsword: ... of drow.

Don't you love it when your game hits epic levels and everything gets... silly?

On a more serious note:
Epic levels are neat and all, with the ridiculous powers, but do you ever feel like it robs characters of some of their personality?
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