June 28th, 2005

Open Gaming Licence

We've had D20 OGL and there are developments about a Over The Edge OGL, my questions are really 'What game systems would you like to see converted to an OGL?' or 'What game system do you steal and use in your own games?'

Personally I have used the Unknown Armies system a lot in other settings and I could see Feng Shui working well in other environments.

I'm trying to think of non Atlas games systems and I think Cthulhu could work as an OGL.
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The indie scene in RPGs...

I'm loving been a gamer (well, at least an RPGer) like I haven't in over a decade...maybe even since the late 70s when I first found Gamma World and D&D.

So, props to the people behind:
Shadows of Yesterday
Sorcerer (especially Charnal Gods)
Dogs in the Vineyard
Tunnels and Trolls (I realize the Trollgod is as old as Gary in this business, but he seems in a lot of ways to belong on the Forge)
Cthulu Pentacle

Spice Up Your Low-Level Encounters - Based on Discussion With a New DM

While discussing his new D&D campaign with me at work, a coworker expressed some frustration in coming up with interesting encounters in his newly started, low-level game. We kicked around the usual stuff but one thing he really latched onto, that I am particularly fond of doing, is using the same ol' boring monsters and low-level giant animals and such, made extra crunchy simply with a few cosmetic changes and a new name and "mythos".Collapse )