June 27th, 2005

Simple Question.

What game would you recommend to a group that's big on roleplay but only moderately interested in combat. We've been playing Dungeons & Dragons and it's gone well, but I feel like some role playing systems would better suit our style of play. Fantasy would be a plus as our past games have all been in Tolkienesque realms, but it's not necessary. What role playing system(s) would you recommend?

[Edit] Thanks to everybody who gave input, but I've noticed that people have asked me to be concise. My friends aren't (talk about the typo of the century) completely combat-phobic, but they do enjoy social roleplaying more than combat, which they get bogged down in math and it takes forever. I've also noticed that in D&D my group will experience a dichotomy of power. Some members will make powerful characters while others will make more realistic and/or social characters (for more about that see my previous topic). Anyway, I noticed when we played GURPS it better met our needs. Take for instance phobias. In D&D, if the party came to a river and one player announced his character was afraid of water, some members of the party might get annoyed and think the player is just being a pain in the butt because D&D heroes generally only show fear when they fail specific will saves. In GURPs, that same player can take Phobia(Water), earn a few extra points to spend on a character, and have something legitimate to fall back on should another player say something. Details aside, as a person who usually finds most of their roleplaying books in Borders or other bookstores that carry little more than D&D, I just wanted to learn about other really good games out there.
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