June 26th, 2005

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Problems with a GM

I am growing increasingly dissatisfied with the way the GM of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game I'm in is handling a recent plot development. I admit it may just be me, but it's really starting to affect my enjoyment of the game, so I'm posting my questions here.

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Wookie Armor

How shall I post my Star Wars sessions?

Hello all,

Before I deluged the community with post after post of lengthy session summaries I thought I'd ask you all if you are interest. If so, how would prefer I post the first four sessions? I considered posting them individually (suitably cut, of course) but was wondering if it would be better if I posted them all in one and the updated one at a time as they occur.

Thoughts, comments?
Cthulu Pentacle

Campaign Survey


There was a request to see one of my surveys. Not sure how much use it'll be to all of you, but here goes. Keep in mind, this is one of the first ones I did and it could likely do with a lot of improvement.

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grape poppy

Some thanks...

I just wanted to pass on a thanks to silentclarity, cpxbrex, and others for pointing me in the direction of the Forge awhile back. The articles on the site have been, thus far, quite useful in directing my thinking about what's important to me in a game and what sort of goals I should have in running my own using an indie system.

So, yeah: Thanks! :)
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