June 24th, 2005


Playing Kids

So I'm planning on running a 50 Fathoms campaign at some point in the near future. 50 Fathoms is a setting that features real world pirates, privateers and other sailers from the 1500s-1700s or so, sucked into a magical world full of sea monsters, evil hags, giant sentient crab men, zombies and more. Think Pirates of the Caribean meets Pirates of Darkwater, or something.

I was thinking about things, and the idea hit me.

The element of "Hero gets sucked from the normal, real world earth into mystical fantasy land" is perhaps as old as the fantasy genre itself, but it's especially prevalent in children's stories. Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Thief of Always, even Harry Potter it it's own twist, all feature this same idea.

So I think to myself, "What if I ran 50 Fathoms, but had all the PCs be kids aboard a merchant ship circa 1700s?" Have them perhaps all orphans, the youngest 5, the oldest 15 or so.

I'm really tempted by this idea, perhaps just because I'm a big Chronicles of Narnia fan. But I'm wondering, what are the pitfals of this? The only people I've ever really see play kids were Malkavian players in Vampire the Masquerade, and they were terrible. But I think if the whole game was geared towards young PCs that you could avoid the "just like adults, but with constant tempter tantrums" style of child PC. What suggestions would you make to a GM running a child PC focused game? (keeping in mind that all the players are in their 20's and 30's. Incidently, do you see a problem with that? I don't really, but on the other hand I have been grossed out by watching a bearded, 30something grognard of typical gamer proportions trying to play an attractive, popular 15 year old girl.)

One thing I was thinking about was adopting the World of Darkness's Virtues and Vices to things like "Tenacious" "Friendly" "Cheerful""Bully" "Greedy" "Lazy" and the like. Eveyrone picks one good trait and one bad trait.

Thoughts, comments, tales of horror?

TORG community created

And, no, no relation to Sluggy Freelance.

I've created a community for the discussion and enjoyment of TORG, the Role-playing Game of the Possibility Wars. There must be a couple people out there who'd be interested, so I'm posting this heads up.

The community is called stormknights. All matters TORGian are welcome for discussion.