June 22nd, 2005


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Today I happened upon this very thoughtful article, a somewhat iconoclastic look at the idea of social mechanics. Those folk on the board who are too pretentious to play D&D shouldn't read this, because it might alter your view.


Addendum: Okay, I apparently focused on very different aspects of said link than some of the comments thus far. Incidentally, you'll forgive me for deleting the screed (great word, by the way) below that says little more than "This guy sucks and I commented on his blog about it" or "skurtchasor, you're just as pretentious as the rest of us who've evolved beyond D&D." Incidentally, some of the harsher critics below have themselves voiced similar opinions about social mechanics in previous posts.

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Despite the author's attitude (which I honestly failed to notice on the first reading), I think there's a good point in there about the relative complexity of combat versus social mechanics, and this is what I'd describe as thoughtful. Having looked at some of the independent games advocated by the people here (most recently Unsung, not to pick on xiombarg or anything), I've noticed that the social mechanics seem to be more complicated than needed (NOTE: THIS IS MY OPINION AND I'M NOT SAYING THAT YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THESE TYPES OF GAMES IF YOU ARE NOT ME). Hence it strikes me as being a little pretentious and/or hypocritical when someone sneers as D&D because it is too focused on rolling dice and checking numbers during combat.