June 21st, 2005

Rawkin Chewbawkin

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars: A Stone's Throw

Episode I: No title, really. Just the first session of a new campaign.

It is ten years after the Rebel Alliance's victory at Endor. The fledgling New Republic has encountered many setbacks in its efforts to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has established a Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. Now, three years after its inception, the first group of students has graduated, having shed their padawan braids.

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This was the first game of a new D6 campaign run by my friend Duncan. I thought it would be amusing to chronicle the events here, but cut the details for your convenience in overlooking. Despite getting a late start due to finalizing characters, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Two of the players have never roleplayed before, and two more have never played Star Wars (D6 or otherwise). Despite nearly everyone being useless aboard ship, it was a fun time.