June 18th, 2005


Prometheus Squad

So I've been sitting on this idea for over a year now. It's in the vein of "Hellboy" and some of the weirder "X-Files" episodes. And, now that I've got them, it'd draw heavily on Kenneth Hite's Suppressed Transmission columns.

Here's the teaser blurb:

The United States government needed a few good things that go bump in the night. So they drafted you and others like you to form the first line of defense against supernatural threats. Take, for example, the vampiric drug lord who trades high quality goods for a taste of your blood, the suspiciously long-lived European faux aristocrat who can't possibly actually be trying to achieve world domination, and, of course, that other, shadowy branch of the government that somehow knows more about your squad than your superiors, sometimes.

Excitement! Far-off lands! Bizarre occurences! Experience them all as a member of the Prometheus Squad.

I'd like run it. I've always gotten murmurs of interest in the past, but nothing ever gelled together. Anyone have some suggestions on what to do to make this a kickass, can't-say-no game concept? What system would you use, and why?

EDIT: I should clarify that I already know which system I would use to run Prometheus Squad. I'm curious to know what system you would use, if you ran such a game.