June 13th, 2005

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Definition of "mun?"

I have been seeing the word "mun," in a number of posts on RP-related LJ communities, and was wondering, "What the heck is a 'mun?'" From the context of the posts, I surmise that it means the person playing the character (i.e., "[The character] liked everything her mun did...."), but can anyone here tell me the origins of this term? I've never seen it used before except on LJ.
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I DM'd my first game last night.  No real prep, I just sorta pulled it all out of my ass... and it came together great.  I sat down at the table ten minutes before we started and went "Uh, four characters at level one... a Minotaur ought to work.  So how do I get them there?"  Before I knew it, it was five hours later and I actually had a storyline!  And, like, an overarching plot! It's like, wow!

Sorry, I'm still a little excited. :-)