June 9th, 2005


Real-world problems in roleplaying

Hey everyone!

Just a question - how do you guys deal with real-world problems in roleplaying?

I'm not talking about things like "that player never chips in for pizza" or "no one's schedules match!"

Do you use things like racism, homophobia, male superiority, and any host of other things that really happened to influence your game? For a D&D or other medieval-style game, does slavery exist in your world?

Do you treat these problems 'realistically', or are they there for flavor?

Does it change dependent on group? For example, if you've got a mixed group of male and female gamers, and you're playing in the World of Darkness, are you going to assume that the glass ceiling exists? Is it going to affect female characters, or do you waive that for PCs?
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