June 8th, 2005

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Proof that anything can be made into a RPG.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I vaguely remember the comic being crap.

"...rich tapestry..." Yeah.


So, this brings up a question. What lisenced material would you like to see turned into a game? What system (d20, Unisystem, GURPS, Tri-Stat, HERO, Storyteller/ing, some other universal system, or something completely original - and if the latter, how so) would you want to see it done with?
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On dealing with problem players (rantish)

(I think I posted a similar rant a while back, but it's been long enough that it might be worth bringing this up again.)

I like advice communities like this one, I really do. I like trying to help other people with their problems, and now and then I've got splendid advice for dealing with my own. But there is one thing that irritates me no end: the attitude that "ditch them and find somebody better" is the answer to every problem you might have with another gamer.

Don't get me wrong here: sometimes, it is absolutely the best answer. Now and then you need to recognise that the situation is not worth salvaging, and cut your losses. But it's also an answer that is very easy to give: it can be applied to just about any situation without having to think through the situation the poster has described, and it makes the problem go away... for a while.

Thing is, it also makes a lot of other stuff go away. Most 'problem players' aren't just problems to be dealt with; most of them also have their share of good points. Often they're friends, or even family. When somebody posts here looking for advice on how to deal with a problem player, you can be pretty sure there *are* reasons why they'd like to make this relationship work, or they'd have ditched them already.

So keep in mind that "ditch 'em" is cheap advice to give, but expensive to follow. In most cases, it's *far* more useful to find a way of resolving the problem with the people involved - even if it means a compromise where nobody gets exactly what they want, but at least everybody is content.