June 7th, 2005



Hi all,

I've been lurking around here for awhile. I'm currently in a GURPS Supers game and a few White Wolf games that are stagnating at the moment. I'm my group's chronicler. Meaning I take notes during the games and try to write up a coherant summary afterwards. Typically, the summaries run 7-10 pages for a six-eight hour game. I also end up packratting away various game related fictions. I fell into the role after about 10 games, because we just kept forgetting so darn much because it wouldn't get written down, and if I was going to be keeping notes, I was going to do it in a decent fashion.

Our Supers game is currently at a break water point, where we'll be adding a few new players. So, I'm taking the opportunity to gather previous sessions and revising the summaries to put into one big book. I'm springing to get it spiral bound and give a couple copies to the core members and a few spares to the GM to show around. (Yes, I know I'm a bit obsessive about the game. ;) I'm told it's a good thing.)

Anyone else have similar experiences or chroniclers?

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I'm a little confused as to if this is on topic or not, but does anyone have any tips on finding gamers to join a dnd campaign? Anyone from the Chicago area here? I just moved here recently and would like to get back into the game.


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Soundtracks work wonders.

OK. So as most of you know, I am an avid RPG fan. And I pride myself in recognizing that a truly exceptional game requires a little extra effort and some solid prep work.

One of the things I try to do for my games that falls in the extra effort category is create soundtracks for background. This is mood music that can run in the background that sets the proper tone for the game and can enhance it tremendously.

My current project is creating a soundtrack for a 7th sea game that I am playing in.

7th sea is a swashbuckling adventure RPG and I find that I am woefully inept at finding the right kind of music.
The game takes place in the world-setting equivalent of France, and the characters are all members of an unusually public "secret society" that takes a vow to never take a human life, and champions the common man.

So far the only thing I have that works well is the soundtrack to "Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl"

If anyone has suggestions as to music that I can purchase and add to the list please speak up.
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Has anyone used this service before?


The reason I ask is I am looking for a service that will allow us ( VESI) to organzie online games for our cult of fans around the world. We have people scattered all over the place and I have been looking for a reliable and effective means of allowing many of them to play online.
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