June 6th, 2005


Our Requiem Began Here

So, tonight I ran the first game of what will likely be a Vampire the Requiem mini chronicle. I ended up going with a fairly heavily modified version of the Mary's Childe, the opening story from the VtR Intro Chronicle that blackhatmatt wrote.

As requested, here are my thoughts and what happened.

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My thoughts?
The game went smooth enough. The classic Mortals Become Vampires story, that I've run dozens of times with VtM, with the subtle new VtR twists. I really, really like Predator's Taint. It was a great way to instantly hammer home that the NPC vampires were scary and powerful and not to be fucked with. Which will hopefully make it all the more dramatic when our protagonists decide to fuck with them.

The players (one in particular) were a bit too jokey about the whole thing, so the personal horror and gothic tragedy and whatever seemed a bit less prevalant. Hopefully there will be more soon. The first session also suffered from a good deal of "Older, More Powerful NPC tells you stuff." but that kind of comes with the territory.

Hmmm, more thoughts later. It's 2 AM and I have to be at work in the morning.
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I've gotta say, there are a lot of things in Requiem I'm enjoying, that I consider an improvement over the old system. But I've also gotta say I'm not loving predator's taint.

Our denver LARP has been going on since January, and there have thankfully been few combat situations. The problem being, in this new system, that it's very easy for a situation to break out that throws the whole entire game into chaos and combat and potentially character death, whether or not you're trying to involve yourself in the combat.

An example from a few months ago would be when we came across a vampire we were hunting down, in the middle of a club. He attacked, and then everybody needed to check to see if they frenzied. And so naturally, several people did, and then the rest of the group was left trying to restrain those who were frenzying, and of course the bad guy got away.

A more amusing example would be from a recent game over the weekend:

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Paranoia XP

Here in about a month or so (or whenever all of the people I want to play have the same weekend free) I'm gonna be running the Paranoia XP adventrue in the Ultraviolet section of the book. Has anyone had any experience running (or playing) this or any other Paranoia adventure, and maybe be able to throw a few tips at me for GMing it?

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