June 4th, 2005


Vampire Game

Okay, here's a thought: imagine you're in a World of Darkness game. You're playing a group of kids. These kids, led by the precocious young genius, discover a small facet of the world, that being the presence of Vampires.

Doing the only rational thing, they study them, and dispose of the nearest one. This would be quite an exciting game, eh? Very engaging? A sort of Harry Potter-esque adventure, only with no magic, just pure ingenuity and skill. A team of friends seeking to keep their families and the world safe from the monsters that surround them.

Now imagine you're the monster who's been sent to kill them.

The game is setup as a Vampiric police procedural, with the PCs members of the Dark Squad. The core concept is it's Vampire Law & Order. What's happened, though, is it's turned into Vampire The Shield, and I'm feeling like my character is the rookie in the pilot of The Shield, about to get his head blown off.

It's probably the worst situation I've ever found a character in. The worst part is that the GM played the grade school hunter NPCs so well. We got a sense of these kids. In a five minute interrogation, the kid laid out her entire life for my character.

And now, he's gotta end it.

I wonder how long constables last? How long do they survive before what little of their humanity dwindles away and the sherrif has to bring them in? If this is the kind of thing that happens frequently, I can see a darn steep curve on the downward spiral to inhumanity.

Feh. Never thought Peace, Order & Good Government could sound so dirty.
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