May 29th, 2005


VtR & WtF - How Does It Feel Different?

I'm planning on running a Vampire the Requiem one shot soon, and this is something that's been digging around my brain ever since I've been trying to plot things out.

Vampire the Requiem has been out for a while now, Werewolf the Foresaken is pretty new but chances are someone's played it. To those of you who have experience with the old games, how different do the new games actually feel when you play them?

I'm not asking for a rehash of the obvious changes. "Oh the Brujah are a bloodline now, and much less common. There's no Camarilla and Sabbat, blah blah blah. Combat is faster and easier." What I'm saying is when you play Vampire the Requiem, what feels different than when you played Masquerade? Same with Werewolf.

What stories or scenes or character development have you seen that just wouldn't have happened in the old games? What odd cool things have you seen that are totally new?

Have you noticed differences or are your New World of Darkness games more or less the same as your old World of Darkness games?
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Arty question...

I'm looking for some pictures of Tieflings for inspiration for a new character in a D&D game I've wanted to play for a while. I'm aiming for a male Tiefling bard more neutral inclined but possibly fighting against his evil parantage and striving towards a good character (with lapses of wanton evil for fun and development).

What I'm after though is some art work and the only things I can find are all female and or far from a bard :P

Anyone know of a website or book I could get with this kind of material on or in it?
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