May 28th, 2005

  • buffo


Writers/Authors AND Dungeon Masters WANTED!!!

***For Writers and Authors***

All we are asking you to do is create the statistics of some Nations in his world. The Nations are already created, but by name only.

If you wish to help us, do the following...

1) Check out - - See the world as it is and click around the map. Get an idea of how HUGE his world is.

2) Check out - - See the indivdual Nations listed by Continent. If a Nation has a LINK in it's name, that means the Nation is already finished. If the Nation is just a name without a LINK, that means it does not exist yet.

3) Check out - - See what a finished Nation looks like.

***For Dungeon Masters***

Also, Dungeon Masters are GREATLY wanted. This world plays off of multiple Dungeon Masters with their own seperate adventuring parties. Stories are interwoven and players DO affect the world politics, history. many PC's have become Nations rulers [After I retired my player a few years ago, a Nation in the world became mine, and my retired character now is part of the worlds history :)]

If anyone wishes to either help Create fiction and/or be a Dungeon Master for, please Email me at I will be GLAD to answer all Questions you may have.

Take care, and happy gaming :)