May 26th, 2005

Voodoo Dolly


My L5R players know that I reward XP for good fiction. What caught me off-guard today was one of my players wrote a 10-page fiction and sent it in... and killed off his character in the story. No hopes of the character coming back, either.

Wow. Good stuff. Funny enough, I had a plot hook in that character I wanted to exploit, but the plot hook was just buried at the bottom of the ocean. I'm annoyed at that, but hell, it was well done. :)

I love my players!
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MMORPGs Off Topic or Not

The Community Info already makes it clear that looking for players or whatnot for MMORPGs is off topic. The question I have is - are MMORPG posts like the previous one off topic as well?

I'd say yes. Despite the label, an MMORPG doesn't really have much to do with roleplaying. Sure, roleplaying might happen in the context of an MMORPG - but roleplaying can also happen in a coffee shop; that doesn't make posts about what' the best coffee shop on topic.

What I'm inclined to determine is that posts about MMORPGs are off topic unless they have some specific role playing content; e.g. unless they're about role-playing in an mmorpg. I wanted to see what other people thought, first.

Let me make it clear - this isn't voting or anything so don't bother posting if it's just "yea" or "nay," I only want honest thought out feedback that might agree or disagree with my position.


Role Playing: A definition?

Periodically the subject of what is and isn't role playing comes up. Is it role-playing when I zone out in front of the TV and play Final Fantasy IX for 5 hours at a stretch? What about if I'm playing Splinter Cell for 5 hours? Is it role playing when I log into World of Warcraft?

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Fantasy MMORPGs

Hey all, I was wondering if any of you could be able to help me. I am a big fan of City of Heroes (as well as an avid table-top gamer), but I want to try a Fantasy themed MMORPG. I am leaning toward World of Warcraft, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any recomendations on Fantasy MMORPG's or thoughts on World of Warcraft? Thanks ^_^.
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Administrivia - MMORPGs

OK, thought about it, collected feedback. Here's the rule on MMORPGs (for purposes of this post, consider NWN an mmorpg).

If you want to post and discuss MMORPGs that's fine - insofar as you're actually talking about role-playing in them. Sample topics of interest off the top of my head? Organizing group events, how do you develop plotlines given the limited tools in the game, etc etc.

That's it though. This is not the place to ask which MMO is best, or which one everyone plays, or how to run through Gnomeregan, or what the best build for a level 45 frost/arcane mage is. I'll update the community info with the salient information.