May 23rd, 2005


The (almost!) grand finale!

Since I've been rambling on about it so much, I figured I'd tell everyone how the intended last session went. Turns out we're going to have one more, as we really didn't want to try and cram everything in before people had to go to bed. So after an 8 hour session, we have one more and then the game is over.

Details hidden behind the cut so the vast majority of you who don't care can skip it.

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All in all, good times.
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Somewhere out in the ether I recall seeing like a 55-question questionnaire for beginning characters of the Star Wars RPG. I was thinking of using it to help prospective players flesh out characters for an upcoming Chill campaign, replacing questions pertaining to the Force with "the Occult"...

Naturally I can't find it anymore. Does anyone have this, or something similar, archived somewhere I can reach with a browser?

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