May 19th, 2005

Voodoo Dolly


I'm in a friend's Exalted game, playing a Sidereal. We've got Solars for the rest of the group, and I'm getting a feel for the Sidereal Exalted and how to play them. Pretty fun. Except for one thing.

The GM doesn't like the Bureaucracy, and he doesn't like Yu-Shan. He doesn't like the Tapestry of Fate, and how a Sidereal can just mess with it. He wants a 'high heroic' game, and Sidereal are a little difficult for such things, since they manipulate stuff entirely too much. I've offered to make a new character (and he said it is fine), but we discussed my other character concepts...

And ran into a problem. He wants to run 'travel the countryside, righting wrongs, and being heroic'. I stopped playing that kind of character almost fifteen years ago. I prefer 'get involved in a city or nation, dig in, get involved in the politics, right wrongs, and make the area a better place'. I like the politics, the making a network of friends and allies, and staying in one area.

Solars aren't really built for that, which is annoying. Thoughts?
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i know most of you probly aint seen it yet

but my god i so wanna play star wars right now
our group went together and as we all walked out we turned to the gm and said so back to your place for a game
it was only 2:20am in the morning lol

and i think we probly would of but 2 of the players had to be at work in the morning
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Voodoo Dolly

Choice vs Fate

In light of a recent thread here, I feel like asking:
Where does the right of the players to decide what their characters will do in a campaign setting start, and the right of the game master to run a 'story' end?

Essentially, how obligated are the players to take the bait when the game master has a campaign in mind? How much do you think a player or group of players should be allowed to say, 'I don't think this is for us', or 'I have my own goals to follow instead for a while'?

To use an extreme example:
I have a character in 7th Sea, who one day wishes to conquer the nation of Vodacce, and unite it under his rule. The game master has run about seven entire adventures, and through it all I've been gathering allies, making plans, and honing my skills. At some point, he'll feel ready enough to begin to move against his uncle (Giovanni Villanova, the baddest bad-guy you'll see there), and begin the process of trying to take his homeland.

As a player, where can I draw the line and say, 'no more random adventures, it is time to claim my birthright?'

Amusingly enough, this hasn't been a problem in the campaign, my GM was pretty easygoing on that. But I'm simply using it as an example. Basically, where can the player draw the line to follow their own character's goals over the story?
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