May 17th, 2005


Question about online RPGs

As the community maintainer for a couple of LJ-based RPGs, this one has been puzzling me for a while now...

Why would someone join an IC community and then never create a character or post in it? I can understand lurking for maybe a week or two and then making a character, or joining the OOC community and posting there, but there are people who've joined the IC communities and then just metaphorically sat there for months; some of them have been members for several months now, yet never posted a thing.

Perhaps I'm missing something about LJ users - do some people just like to join a bunch of communities, the way some others just like to randomly Friend people?

I'd think that if you joined a game, you'd want to play, but maybe that's just me.

Would anybody care to opine?
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What is your gaming pet peeve?

Mine is power gamers. People who are only interested in acquiring gold/xp/stats and not in actual role playing the character. Nothing earns my respect as a fellow gamer than someone who does something that completely screws their character/party because that's what their character would do. i.e. running headlong into a band of ogres that you have no hope of beating because your whole family was killed by ogres and you've got issues.

Love role playing, hate roll playing.
Voodoo Dolly

Social Control

A comment on RPG.Net, and a debate I had with another GM a while ago had me wondering:
As a Player, or a GM, how do you handle social rolls in your games? How do you handle social powers?

The GM in question above disallowed Presence and Dominate in her Vampire campaign. Those powers did not exist at all. This just blew my mind -- it crippled a number of the vampire clans (especially the Ventrue), and ham-strung a number of the other clans as well.

But to explain Social Powers in context here:
Presence (Majesty in V:tR) and Dominate in Vampire
Charm Person in D&D
Control Mind (and similar) in Shadowrun

Essentially, powers which allow you to control the minds or emotions of others in such a way as they do what you wish (or act differently than they normally would). Me? I let them stand as-is, though I notice my players tend not to use these powers very often / at all. I have had NPCs who use them, and I have had one PC use them against NPCs or my characters once in a while.
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