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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
6:00p - On terms
Occasionally (and recently) I've heard the term "Steampunk" bandied about on various forums, and I tend to run into it most commonly on roleplaying discussion as a general subgenre type of thing. What I'm curious about is this: Is there any copyrighted material out there that lays claim to the term "steampunk"? I'm working on a project and I'd like to use the term pretty loosely, but it strikes me as the kind of thing someone else might have assumed custody of. I've certainly played a few games that qualified as "steampunk" style, but I'm talking in more specific terms.

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6:04p - RPG Art Needed
So, as I mentioned elsewhere, I'm pretty far along with Unsung at this point.

I need spot art.

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Anyone interested?

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