April 24th, 2005


Questions about recruiting

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I'm gearing up to GM (ST) a tabletop Changeling: The Dreaming game at the local university gaming club, and am in the process of recruiting players.

I'd like to put a couple of conditions on people joining - that players should be 18 or older (due to some of the themes that generally appear in my games), and that I'm looking for people who'd be interested in the game for the long haul (having had far too many players show up once and then never come back, without even having the courtesy to answer my e-mails or phone calls). My husband insists that I'm not going to get players if I impose conditions, since "many people like to try things out, and making conditions like that will just scare people off."

Would anyone care to opine?
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@ teh gamer hall!!!1!!!

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It's not often I get the chance to post something relevant in here, since it's hard to find gamers where we live. So when We saw an ad for a gaming day at the local RSL hall, we thought we'd give it a try. This is how the day transpired...

Actually, it was a lot of fun. Lew was the GM because he was there with the books. We're playing a 3E game, much fun & insanity.

I spent 3 hours babying a kid through filling out his sheet (and by that I mean he needed me to tell him what went in each space, even if I told him what went in the same column before - fucking annoying) and then he got up and went off to play warhammer. I told him I'd send him copies of the books & he could fill out his own damn sheets from there.

I was, surprise surprise, the only chick. Oh yay me!

Lew and I must have been the only non-smokers over 12, and all of the rpgers loved me.... which means I came home stinking of cigarette smoke. Also, somebody rolled a cigarette on my art journal. I was not fucking impressed!

The dropsheets they used to cover the tables left an ugly yellow stain on our clothes, and I was wearing my mighty mouse t-shirt. Not impressed! Thankfully, hot soapy water got rid of the ugliness.

Lew and I debated organising for the gamers to come to us once we moved, but we decided we didn't want our whole house smelling the way we did (no smokers in our house, tyvm!) so we'll just end up taking a sheet or something to throw over our gaming table, and I'll try to sit close to Lew so I'm only being "loved" by one smoker when I game.

I feel like shit. I slept terribly, I woke up feeling like I'd smoked a carton, & I stank like evil. If I ever take up the habit again, somebody smack me.

Still, for all of my gripes, we did have fun & we'll be back there next weekend.


Anyone here have any opinion/thoughts on TSR's 1998 modern/sci-fi Alternity system? For those of you who don't know, it was sort of like a prototype for d20 (although I don't think the higher-ups at TSR let the creators of in on that little fact). In my opinion, Alternity was (is) a much better system than d20, even if it doesn't quite appeal to the "lowest common denominator" quite as much. It was (is) much, much more flexible, and, in my opinion, able to be adapted to any genre/setting much easier than d20.

I'm very curious on any thoughts. Thanks!