April 23rd, 2005

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Which to run?

Hi everyone!
First, a bit of background:
I'm part of a four-person gaming group that rotates games very frequently, and each of us has our few specialty games that we are expected to GM and be responsible for buying supplements for. Currently, one of us runs Werewolf: the Apocalypse and AD&D, one runs Orpheus and Vampire: the Requiem, and one runs Dark Ages: Fae and Changeling: the Dreaming.

And that leaves me.

Of course, with the rapid-fire movements of our choice of game (the only constant being Dark Ages: Fae), I'm expected to run something next. My agreed "specialty" games are Nobilis, Mage: the Ascension and Dark Ages: Mage, any of which I could run this summer. The thing is, I haven't run much— only a couple of sessions of Nobilis a long time ago, a few more sessions of D&D 3rd Ed. even longer ago, and a one-shot Orpheus more recently. I'm a pretty good roleplayer and I've been told I GM well for the amount of experience I have, so I'm not too worried about that— what I am worried about, though, is what I should run of the aforementioned three games.

Should I run my favourite, Nobilis, or risk a disappointing fizzle out like last time? Should I trust my instincts that tell me Nobilis is much too hard for a first time GM (HG), and to do it justice when I have more experience? Should I play the awesome included sample campaign and hope it works out?


Should I run Mage: the Ascension, the game I have the most experience with and know the best and probably be the most comfortable with (and therefore would run well)?


Should I run Dark Ages: Mage, the one from which I get the general feeling that they want me to run, but risk GMing in an unfamiliar world and also an overlap in moods and settings and themes with the only other constant game, Dark Ages: Fae?

It's not that big of a deal, but I'd like my first real game to be good. I've had so much fun with the games of the three others that I'd like to give back.
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Casting a blind eye

Anyone ever ST a Vampire game where your PCs want to have a blind eye to certain aspects of their world where they shouldn't?

I run a Vampire Larp where the Prince (who's a PC) told me OOC that he didn't understand why other PCs wanted to have Underworld or Streets (crime specifically) for their influences. The Prince player does a decent job as a Ventrue PC. He has a lot of Finance, Industry and High Society influences. However, he has ended up killing off or exiling any PCs that have Underworld or Street influence in an attempt to 'clean up the streets' instead of control them.

What he doesn't see is that the criminal element will still exist whether or not the PCs control or know about it directly. I run a World of Darkness. They are playing monsters in this world. If they wish control of the higher aspects of society, that's fine. However, they now do not know whether or not gangs or mafia are in the domain or not, nor do they have any control over them.

((They're also not able to significantly control the Police, Transportation, University and Church - which are a lot of fun for me to play around with for plots.))


Hi all,

I have a group of friends who play regularly every week. They flit between D20 modern, Warcraft D20, Vampire and Demon on a reasonably regular cycle.

They're very keen to get me involved in playing and/or running a game(s) with them, however I've resisted due to a difference in play styles.

Whilst they are good roleplayers in the sense that they can play a character well ad know how to play the game systems, they seem to constantly get hun up on barroom brawls and petty quandries rather than stick to a storyline. The one-session game I ran for them previously meant a lot of work on my side trying to behind-the-scenes help them get back on track with their mission after they screwed it over for themselves.

I guess what I'm asking is; how can I change a player's playing style? How can I, if I join as a player, move them on from petty brawls and womanizing, onto actually acheiving something?

Any advice or ideas would be greatefully appreciated.

P.S.: they seem to have a tendancy to pick some rather sociopathic characters.