April 14th, 2005

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Slavery in RPGs?

Are there any articles/whatever out there dealing with the issue of slavery in a D&D-style setting? Specifically, ones that aren't oriented towards Scantily-Clad Luv Slaves - I'm sure there are a million homebrews of D20 Gor out there, but I'm looking for something more three-dimensional.

IMG, the main culture keeps ogres as expensive slaves. (The males are usually gelded to keep them manageable, except for a few kept for breeding or as experiments in socialisation - it takes a lot of one-to-one attention to bring up a male ogre who can keep his temper sufficiently under control.) By law, an ogre who can demonstrate human-level intelligence (e.g. ability to read and write) can petition the Crown to be granted full status as a citizen, but since ogres can't travel without their masters' permission this doesn't happen very often. (But they still get treated better than gnomes, who are officially 'free', but live about as well as Dickensian orphans, because you can only mistreat an ogre so far before something gets broken.) I may also end up dealing with societies that keep slaves from a wider range of races, and there I'd be interested in things like the Roman model, where slaves might be highly skilled and quite powerful.

So, I'm looking for material on things like costs of slaves (particularly, skilled slaves) and consideration of how nonhuman abilities would affect this stuff. If necessary I can probably fudge something, but I thought I'd check first and see if somebody's already done this work. I'm not just looking for "freedom good, slavery bad" stuff - something a little more in-depth, please.

Edit: To clarify, I'm reasonably familiar with RL slavery, and what I don't know on that I can look up for myself. I'm looking specifically for stuff on adapting RL to fantasy - things like "how much would an ogre with two levels of fighter cost?"
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thanks all around

i just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to my chaotic neutral problem. i got so much great feedback and it all helped to give me a great perspective on my character. phedre, my cn cleric of kossuth is really starting to come into her own.

this is a great forum! thank you all!

Fading Suns Victory Point System: A criticism

I sent this to the FS Mailing List, but thought it was interesting enough to post here.

Background: The Fading Suns system uses a single D20 roll as resolution. The D20 is rolled against a "Target Number" (TN) determined by adding an attribute & skill appropriate to the task. Target Numbers can range from 1 to 18 for a normal human. A roll of 19 is always a failure, and a roll of 20 is always a "fumble" (botch, whatever you want to call it). Once it is determined if the roll was successful, the number on the D20 is compared to a "Victory Point Chart" to determine margin of success. For instance, 1&2 result in 0 Victory Points. A roll of 12 results in 4 Victory Points. A roll of 18 is 6 victory points. A roll equal to the TN doubles the amount of victory points (if your TN were 12 you would have 8 victory points when you roll a 12).

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